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Frequent Questions

What is the largest warehouse building in Tulsa?

The CenterPointe Business Park property at 5555-5727 S 129th E Ave , Tulsa, OK 74134 (former Ford Visteon). It comprises 949,000 sf and was built in 1974.

What is the tallest building in Tulsa?

Downtown Tulsa’s BOK tower (Built in 1977) is the tallest office building with 52 floors and 667 feet in height and 1,140,684 sf in total size. CityPlex (Built 1981) is a close second in total height with 648 feet and 60 stories (each story is slightly shorter in height in comparison with BOK Tower and Devon Tower), but CityPlex is larger in total size with 2,200,000 sf. Devon Energy Center (Devon Tower) in Oklahoma City is the tallest office building in Oklahoma with 50 stories and a total height of 844 feet with a total size of 1,800,000 sf.

What is the oldest existing multi-tenant office building in Tulsa?

The municipal Building with 30,224 sf and located at 124 East 4th Street in downtown Tulsa was formerly used as City Hall when it was built in 1907 The Mayo Building now a remodeled hotel in Tulsa is considered to be one of the oldest buildings in Tulsa. The Pierce Building with 16,392 sf and located downtown at 233 S. Detroit was built in 1913. The building subsequently became a single tenant and multi-tenant office building.

What is the largest multi-tenant office building in Tulsa?
CityPlex built in 1981 is 2,200,000 sf in size.  The three towers of CityPlex are actually all attached on the lower floors and it is actually one structure.  The 180,000 sf base on CityPlex is one of the largest floor plate foot prints for a high-rise office property in the US.
Which companies and entities are the largest employers in Tulsa?

The top employers in Tulsa include such outstanding companies and entities as American Airlines, QuikTripNordam Group, Williams Companies, State Farm, Saint Francis Healthcare System, Aaon, Baker Hughes, Bank of Oklahoma, Oneok, AT&T, Direct TV,  AEP/Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Mazzio’sReasor’s, Hillcrest Health System, Tulsa Technology Center, Spirit AeroSystems – Triumph Group, St. John Medical Center, Cherokee Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and River Spirit Casino, University of Tulsa, and Tulsa Public Schools.

What is the shortest term lease you can negotiate?

There are some landlords who will approve month-to-month lease terms, however the majority of all commercial landlords are wanting to have 3 to 5 year lease terms or longer. Smaller leases generally can negotiate shorter lease terms more easily. The reason why many landlords want longer lease terms is due to financing requirements from lenders.

What does Coates Commercial Properties offer?

We offer sales of commercial properties in Tulsa and also sub leasing.



What is a CCIM?

CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. A CCIM is an elite group of commercial real estate brokers who have completed a multi course study of commercial real estate investment practice and financial studies. A CCIM must have completed a minimum dollar amount of investment sales and leases to even qualify for the designation. They must complete multiple courses with passing grades and complete a final examination with a passing grade and submit a resume of qualifying experience.

What is the total Population of the Tulsa metropolitan area?

Tulsa is the second-largest city in the State of Oklahoma and 47th-largest city in the United States. As of July 2013 the city population was 398,121, and this population is estimated at over 410,000 as of 2015. The population of Tulsa County was reported at 622,000 as of 2013. The MSA population of Tulsa was most recently reported as just under 1 million residents (961,561 residents).

How much office space in Tulsa? What is the average office space leasing for citywide?

There is approximately 23,000,000 sf of office space in Tulsa with an average rent of $15.24 average asking price for 2015 according to REIS.

How much industrial space is there in Tulsa? Average rent of industrial space? Percentage occupied?

Approximately 80,000,000 sf of industrial space is located in Tulsa County. The average industrial rent as of 2015 was $6.00 psf.

How many years has Patrick Coates worked as a commercial real estate agent/broker

Since 1991. Coates first worked for Sheldon Detrick and Ray Bieryat Detrick-Biery in 1991. Coates later joined Tooman Collins Associates in 1993 and joined Kennedy-Wilson in 2000. Coates Commercial Properties, LLC was started by Coates in 2005.